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SaoSA Technology International Ltd. is engaged in both international business and domestic trade, and also has its own production and processing bases. UV curing resin of advanced technology and environmental friendliness are what we specially deal with. We are in partnership with our customers and we take great effort in achieving the goal of win-win and keeping continuous development on the basis of ensuring the environmental friendliness as the first prerequisite. Quality control and risks management are emphasized throughout the whole process of our management. And we fully commit ourselves in the development of new products and service, especially in e-business and network economy. The name SaoSA expresses our idea and goal of making rational use of natural resources and accumulating wealth to repay the nature and the society. Meeting together in SaoSA and combined their glories and dreams together with the company’s development goal, talented people from all corners of the world will spare no efforts to provide out customers with high quality product and efficient services. SaoSA™ UV Curing Resin – History SaoSA Technology International Ltd., a professional manufacturer specialized in production of UV curing resin for safety glass, hurricane-resistant glass, acoustic-resistant glass and bulletproof glass. We have 45-years history of manufacturing UV curing resin for laminated safety glass and bulletproof glass for the Chinese military and defense department. Therefore, the quality has been proved under the most atrocious weather and environment.

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